What we do

With a passion for business and financial process improvement, our vision is to work with schools and business to assist the transition from paper to digital and find efficiencies in your processes.

This may encompass the move from paper to digital with physical files, creating apps, business processes and workflows, as well as reviewing current practices and procedures.

Often the task seems too huge, so we don’t begin. We can provide some learnings and tips for how to launch or boost your digital transformation journey.

With an intimate and inside knowledge of processes required within the many components of a school, we can assist your staff to identify areas where digital software systems will streamline, optimise and add value. We can provide personalised project support to your staff in building and implementing these new techniques in your environment.

The journey is never complete.

With the mechanisms of reflective practice and continuous improvement, your processes are refined and able to adapt as your organisation changes.

Digital Transformation

We’re all trying to find more hours in a day, so our goal is to support you in converting many of your paper processes and forms to digital workflows and online forms.

With the transfer of your paper files to digital, this will ensure the safety, security and accessibility of documents which often pose a challenge in paper form.

We can provide wisdom and experience in implementing or boosting your digital projects. These may include, but are not limited to

  • ingestion of your paper documents
  • discover, design and implementation of online forms and/or apps
  • automation and digitisation of business processes and workflows.

Business Automation

Giving your staff back their time.

There are many processes in a School or business that require human intervention of some kind. With the introduction of software tools that your organisation may already have access to, we can help you identify and eliminate much of the manual handling. It may be a paper form or a repetitive task which can be converted to an online form, workflow or automated process. No more paper sitting on a desk, waiting for approval. This allows valuable time to be freed up for your staff to concentrate on higher value tasks, hopefully providing them (and you!) with greater job satisfaction!

Maybe you’d like to share some of the bottlenecks or frustrations that you experience across your organisation and we can work together on eliminating these pain points.

Let’s optimise your processes with the tools that you may already have!

School Experience

We provide over 30 years of School experience, knowledge and business improvement skills, mainly in the areas of Finance, Audit & compliance, Administration, Enrolments, Payroll and Human Resources. This also includes the implementation and integration of various software platforms –

  • Laserfiche® (Document repository, business processes and workflow software)
  • MAZE
  • Synergetic
  • Alii™ and AP Valet (Procure to Pay (P2P) and Invoice automation software)
  • Preceda Payroll
  • CompliSpace

Additional projects recently completed include –

  • Chart of Account redevelopment (including Cost Centres), remapping of Synergetic reports (Financial Scorecard, Balance Sheet etc.), rewriting of Adaptive Reports
  • Alii™ (Procure to Pay (P2P) and Invoice automation software) implementation and configurations
  • Enquiry Tracker implementation and configuration, including gathering and importing of legacy data
  • Data cleansing (MAZE, Synergetic, Payroll).

Maybe you have a Finance or HR project that you need some assistance with or help with identifying areas for efficiency improvement.

Wherever you are on your digital journey, we would love to support you!